Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Five Enemies Within Us

From a satsang by Gautam Baiji ~

The saints say there are five enemies hiding within us.

kaam (lust)
krodha (rage)
lobh (greed)
moh (attachment)
ahankar (conceit/pride)*

You can escape "outside enemies," but how can you escape "inside enemies?"

Your soul is craving the divine power. Your mind is wandering with the worldly things, the materialism.

So how can we avoid distractions and connect with the divine power? How can we connect the body, mind and soul?

Here's a hint: you cannot see your face in boiling water. You can only see your reflection in calm water.

The water should be steady.

And clean.

Clean and calm water, and we can see clearly.

If the mind is not there, we cannot get the peace we want.

Our thoughts will become our actions, so we have to watch our thoughts. Everything is depending on our thinking.

So how can we make our thinking better?

Our saints say, "Good thinking comes from the company of great saints and satsang..."

*These five major weaknesses of the human personality - at variance with its spiritual essence - are also known as the Five Thieves because they steal a person's common sense 

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