Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Easy to Judge

Satsang from Gautam Baiji ~

A husband and wife were renting an apartment. Every day, the lady sat in her room looking at the woman next door who always washed and hung her laundry to dry.

She thought, "Look at his lady. She washes her clothes every day, but does it so poorly! She obviously doesn't know what she's doing and needs to be told how dirty her clothes are. Maybe I should teach her how to wash those stains."

Every day she was surprised how dirty the woman's clothes were...

Until one day she saw that all the clothes were totally clean!

She said to her husband, "It's incredible - one day her clothes are totally dirty, and the next they're clean. I was thinking of going over there and telling her what soap she needs to use and how to wash them properly."

The husband said, "Actually, I couldn't sleep this morning so I got up early and cleaned the window."

Then, she realized...

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