Monday, January 30, 2017

Surrender to Get the Bliss

Nescience - ignorance

From a satsang by Gautam Baiji ~

At the lotus feet of God, there is no desire.

Devotion needs surrender. If you surrender there, you will get what you want.

Only when the seed is fully absorbed in the soil will the plant grow. One day, when it becomes a big tree, it gives us fruit and shade and beauty.

The same thing with sugar. It needs to dissolve into the water, or the water cannot be sweet.

In the same way, if our mind is not merging with the holy power, with consciousness, with the divine power (which is such a blessed truth), how can we get bliss in our life?

Everyone wants that peace, but few people will surrender to get it.

Everyone wants electricity, no one wants to pay the bill. What happens? Try it. Once or twice not paying, they turn it off.

The same thing with us: if the mind doesn't merge with the Divine Energy, which is absolute truth, consciousness and bliss, this bliss cannot permeate our lives. We are waiting, waiting, waiting.

The reason: desire comes in front of that. Expectations come, and we give them all attention.

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