Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Perspective is Ours to Create

From a satsang by Gautam Baiji:

A woman got married and then moved to the Mohave desert with her husband.

She didn't like the place at all.

She got very bored and decided to write a letter to her father.

"Dad, I don't want to live here. This place is like hell. If you want to know the heat: it's 125 degrees in the shade. Even the wind is hot. And all you see is desert, desert, desert.

"I don't want to stay even another minute here," she wrote. "I'm leaving him and coming back."

After several days, she got a response from her father. It was just two lines:

"Two men looked out from prison bars. One saw mud, and the other saw stars."

With this bit of wisdom, she quickly realized she had only been listening to her mind and not her heart.

After that, she started making friends with the natives and found much to love about her new home.

The desert didn't change. Her attitude did.

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  1. We sometimes walk unaware of our blinders. This piece helps realize our tunnel vision and breaks down those narrow perspectives with a view of openness.