Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Businessman and the Mahatma - Satsang

A Mahatma-approved edit of a Gautam Baiji satsang:

Once there was a business traveler in a nice suit sitting in first class next to a Mahatma.

During the trip, the businessman noticed that when he asked for tea, the Mahatma also ordered tea.

He had a nice watch and noticed the Mahatma did as well.

His suit was made from the finest cloth, and he noticed the Mahatma's outfit was silk. It was orange, yes, but it was still made of nice silk.

He had questions forming in his mind, and as the plane was landing, he finally asked the Mahatma, "So what's the difference between you and me? We both are traveling in first class seats. We are both dressed wearing fine cloth. You were eating, I was eating. Everything is the same, so why do people follow you and listen to what you say? What's the difference between us?"

"Right now I am praying, so when I finish my prayer, I will give you the answer."

When they landed, they knew there would be a delay before their luggage would be ready, so the Mahatma said, "If you would like to get coffee at the cafe, I will answer your question in full."

He agreed, and they sat down and ordered coffee.

While the coffee was being served, they overheard two people nearby talking about missing luggage. The businessman asked them if it was for his plane, and they said yes, the airline lost their luggage and was trying to find it.

This news upset the businessman very much, but the Mahatma was calm.

"Aren't you upset?!" asked the businessman.

"It's okay, let's just enjoy our coffee."

"But that's my luggage!"

The businessman stood up and looked around angrily, like he wanted to strike out aggressively at something.

"It's mine too. I'm sure they'll find it. Please, sit, and let me answer your question."

"I can't sit, I need to do something."

"You're only stressing yourself out."

"Of course! I'm not a Mahatma like you!"

"That is the difference, and the answer to your question. The difference between you and me. We have the same things: you have the luggage, I have luggage, but I am not in that luggage. I have the luggage, but it does not have me. You have the attachment; I do not."


"Meeting a Mahatma or guru is different than talking to your friends.

When you are talking to your friends, they will always ask you about your health, your business, your family, and many other things.

But whenever you meet with any Mahatma, any saint, any guru, they will only want to know one thing: 'How is your meditation going?' 'Are you doing meditation, or not?' 'How much are you connected with the divine power?'"

~ Thank God for Mahatmas!